May 10, 2010

May 4 Crime Blotter – Craigslist robbery in Vis Valley

May 4, 2010


Sometimes I cover stories on all of district 11, and sometimes I do stuff in the city. Don’t box me in! Capt. Cassanego sent out a message this morning; A report came across my desk of a robbery with a knife.  The victim saw an advertisement on Craig’s List for a Microsoft X-Box and agreed to […]

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SAFE HAVEN Project promotes community safety in neighborhoods

May 3, 2010


(via Squeakwheel‘s Flickr) The Ingleside police station just began a project that gives people places to go when they feel threatened or in danger. The “SAFE HAVEN Project,” ask merchants to post signs in their storefronts so pedestrians walking by have a place to for safety. From the email: The SAFE HAVEN project is network […]

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Ingleside Academy of Sciences Neighborhood Days

April 28, 2010


Image via (SFWeekly) Take your family, friends, emenmies, whomever and enjoy a free day at the California Academy of Sciences. Check out their new “Extreme Mammals” exhibit that started April 3! Neighborhood: Ingleside-Excelsior, Visitacion Valley Zipcodes: 94112, 94134 Dates: May 7, 8, & 9 If you find yourself on the SFSU or Sunnyside way of […]

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Specialty, small batch coffee in the Ingleside? I’ll sip to that PART II: Video Story

April 26, 2010


As noted last week, Here’s my video with Melanio and his employee at Caffe D’Melanio’s. Ocean Avenue continues to surprise me with the gems it pops up. Reverend Roland Gordan of Ingleside Presbyterian loves this guy and supports his business. I must say, I had the Roast Master’s blend as a pour over this morning, […]

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Woman spits on MUNI driver over weekend – Ingleside Crime Blotter 4/22 to 4/25

April 26, 2010


Image via Alan Cleaver Here’s my top story: 11:15am           Mission/Ocean                 Att. Assault Officer Chang and Officer Park responded to the report of a battery on a MUNI driver. They learned that a woman had gotten on a bus and spit at the […]

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Specialty, small batch coffee in the Ingleside? I’ll sip to that

April 22, 2010


Caffe d’Melanio, a local coffee roaster and cafe in the Ingleside, is a cafe you never hear about. Take it from me, I’m a coffee lover. I’ve had Ritual, Blue Bottle, Four Barrel, De La Paz, Ecco, and Trouble and I never knew about this guy. Worst yet, he’s right in my backyard! Melanio has […]

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