Specialty, small batch coffee in the Ingleside? I’ll sip to that

Posted on April 22, 2010


Caffe d’Melanio, a local coffee roaster and cafe in the Ingleside, is a cafe you never hear about. Take it from me, I’m a coffee lover. I’ve had Ritual, Blue Bottle, Four Barrel, De La Paz, Ecco, and Trouble and I never knew about this guy. Worst yet, he’s right in my backyard! Melanio has roasted coffee for almost 11 years at his local cafe and learned the coffee roasting trade back in his native Argentia. He has all the tact and knowledge of those Mission roasters without the pretentiousness. Furthermore, Melanio has his own “Viva Presidente Obama” coffee blend. A blend of Kenyan and Indonesian, the Obama blend was made for his victory back in ’08. While there are plenty of other Obama blends out there, and we all really know the Pres’ vice, it’s nice to have something local right here in the OMI.

Look out Tuesday for a video on his cafe and roasting.

Caffe d’Melanio is located at 1314 Ocean Avenue, San Francisco CA, 94112 – Contact @ 415-333-3665

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