Ingleside Crime Blotter – 4/21

Posted on April 21, 2010


Latest crime for the Ingleside Station. Watch your step out there.

Captains Message:

In the last six days, five of the eight car break-ins had GPS devices
taken.  It appears the GPS devices are beacons for thieves.  Owners should
keep the units secreted or removed when the car is parked.

Incident Date:
Tuesday, April 20th, 2010


10:54 pm(4/19)    4900 blk Mission        Shoplifting/Battery of Officer
Officers Padilla and Tam responded to a call of a store manager and a
security guard chasing several suspects.  Officers Leong and Archilla also
responded and detained two of the suspects.  Several moments later the
third suspect was spotted, hiding in some nearby bushes.  The officers
ordered the suspect from the bushes and he did not comply with their
commands.  Officer Leong grabbed the suspects arm and the suspect forced
the office back, knocking him onto the ground.  The other officers assisted
him and took the suspect into custody.  The three Hispanic males, two
adults and one juvenile, were observed entering the grocery store together
and walking to the liquor aisle.  One of the adult males secreted a bottle
of brandy under his clothing and then the three exited the store, with the
manager and security guard chasing them.  The two adult suspects were cited
and released at the scene.  Report number 100363756

01:28 pm          Mission/Onondaga        Robbery/Warrant Arrest
Officers Goff and Sullivan responded to a call of a robbery suspect seen in
the area.  Officer Jones was flagged down by the victims and detained the
suspect.  The victims saw a Hispanic female juvenile who robbed the victims
two weeks earlier.  The suspect refused to identify herself to the officers
and was taken to Ingleside Station.  The officers confirmed the suspects’
identity and she was later booked at the Juvenile Justice Center.  Report
number 100308279

02:33 pm          Unit blk Phelan               Theft from Building
The Ingleside Station Problem Solving Team, consisting of Officers Elton,
Rueca and Brown, under the leadership of Sgt Miller, conducted a theft
‘sting’ operation.  The officers have been working with CCSFPD regarding a
large number of thefts of personal property and electronics on the campus.
The officers arrested one suspect for theft of a laptop computer.  Report
number 100365489

Other incidents:

04:45 pm(4/19)    Visitacion/Schwerin           Suspicious Occurrence
Officer Johnson met with an eleven year old girl and her father.  The child
told the officer that when she was waiting for the bus to go home after
school a man, either Hispanic or Asian, in a blue pickup truck, possibly a
Toyota, pulled up next to her.  She stated that the man talked to her
through the open window of the truck and unlocked the passenger door.  The
young girl said that the man attempted to convince her to get into his car
and that he would take her home.  The bus showed up just then and the
suspect drove away.  She told her father about the incident immediately.
Report number 100363013
08:00 am          100 blk Encline               Att. Stolen Auto
Officer Trujillo responded to an attempted stolen auto report and saw that
the victims vehicle was entered through a punched drivers door lock and
that the steering column was cracked.   Report number 1000364635

03:45 pm          Church/28th St.               Robbery w/Force
Officer Androvich responded to a robbery report.  The victim told the
officer that he was riding an outbound J Church LRV when an African
American adult male, 20-24, 5’10, 170 lbs, wearing a black beanie cap and a
fake diamond earring, shoved him and grabbed his hand.  The victim was
holding his iPhone and listening to music via earphones.  The suspect
forced the phone from the victims hand and pulled the earphones from his
ears.  The suspect then ran from the train.  Report number 100365815

06:30 pm          Unit blk Tioga                Burglary, Residence, Forced
Officers Dudley and Antonian responded to a residence where a burglary had
occurred.  The officers spoke with the victim who stated that she left her
home secured in the morning and returned to find the front door had been
forced open.  She found numerous home electronics and office electronics as
well as money missing from the home.  Report number 100366421

00:01 am          Santos/Geneva                 Theft from Person
Officers Lozano and McCall responded to a robbery call.  The victim, a
Spanish speaking Hispanic male, stated that he was riding an 8X Muni coach,
listening to music with his cellular telephone.  The victim was approached
by two Hispanic male adults on the bus.  One of the suspects asks the
victim a question and then starts going through the victims’ pockets,
taking the cellular telephone.  Report number 100367372

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