Specialty, small batch coffee in the Ingleside? I’ll sip to that PART II: Video Story

Posted on April 26, 2010


As noted last week, Here’s my video with Melanio and his employee at Caffe D’Melanio’s.

Ocean Avenue continues to surprise me with the gems it pops up. Reverend Roland Gordan of Ingleside Presbyterian loves this guy and supports his business. I must say, I had the Roast Master’s blend as a pour over this morning, it was delicious! It’s definitely a caffeine uppercut. As someone who drinks a lot (A LOT) of coffee, that says…a lot. Despite his old school style of coffee roasting (espresso always dark, a lot of blends), I think having a local roast coffee for you onsite is a rarity in communities like the Ingleside (most urban places have one of these two places). I salute you Melanio believing in the Ingleside!

Caffe d’Melanio is located at 1314 Ocean Avenue, San Francisco CA, 94112 – Contact @ 415-333-3665

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