Java on Ocean: The Ingleside’s resident coffee shop

Posted on March 15, 2010


Patrons @ Java on Ocean via Mona C.

If you were to ask what my passion was after Journalism, it’d be coffee. I love, love, love coffee. I use a single drip in the morning or a French Press if I’m feeling particularly lazy. I also work as a barista so not only do I love coffee, I love the nuance and technique that comes with it!

So when I’m days away from Blue Bottle, Ritual, Four Barrel, Phil’z and all the other great coffee/café places in SF, where can I go? Well, in the Ingleside you have three options: Caffe D’Melanio, King’s Coffee and Java on Ocean.

Three cafes, one district. Who is king?

I’ll dedicate this post to Java on Ocean. There’s a total of 5 stars to grab here. Let’s see how it ranks


The decor is Spanish with an Arab twist. Some would say Moorish. Hookahs, canaries (yes actual birds) and a massive Frida Kahlo piece round out the decor. There are couches and love seats about and fans spinning rapidly above. Yellow/Gold walls make you feel like you’re in another world. I digs it. It can get crazy packed in here and since they have Wi-Fi (2 hour limit though), you’ll have to wait before you get that wall outlet. Also, the music is hella loud. Don’t record an interview here (I tried).


Whenever the owner is in, he maks you feel like an old chum. He ask about your day and offers suggestions based on your previous visits. The rest of the staff however, are just that, staff. I mean, I don’t need crazy friendliness when I go there but an occasional, “Hello, how are you,” would be nice.


JoO offers a variety of mediterranean and American inspired meals. From sandwiches to hummus wraps, you can great whatever you want on that Tuesday afternoon. I usually arrive around breakfast, which is why I order the turkey, egg and cheese bagel. At $4.99 it’s rather pricey, but it gets the job done and you can support local business. The muffins they have are great as well. I’ll get back to you on lunch. The also have a fully stacked fridge with glass bottled cane sodas. Great to complement a sandwich or cookie.


I put this in a separate catergory because I’m a nerd. The espresso they serve has zero body to it. It’s a typical dark roast with heavy, earthy taste, just like EVERY SINGLE cafe that isn’t small-batch, scuppy approved. Apparently they do a custom roast for their beans, but I cannot taste anything spectacular in the espresso. The drip coffee tasted like drip coffee. The espresso holds better in milk drinks like Latte’s and I actually enjoyed the Chai Latte very much (coffee free). The tea selection is Numi brand teas, which I haven’t had. The serving ware for the espresso is fantastic though! My drink stayed hot forever.


If you’re crazy great coffee, but you’re stuck in the Ingleside, this won’t fulfill those needs pre say. However, if you want a decent drink, a nice sandwich and ambiance, this isn’t a bad place to stop. Still, this will not satisfy good espresso junkies. We’ll see if the Ingleside has anything else to offer!

Java on Ocean is located at 1700 Ocean Avenue @ Faxon in The Ingleside.

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